Microproject within the scope of Chemnitz 2025

T-move(s) is a participative project in the framework of the Cultural Capital Chemnitz 2025. In reference to the regional textile industry‘s heritage and emerging businesses in this sector, T-move(s) aims to promote the exchange of traditional and modern textile companies. The intention is to present the transformation of the textile industry through these dialogues. The changes in working conditions as well as due to digitalization will be highlighted.

The project emphasises on the participants‘ association with the city of Chemnitz, their stories, roles and the connections of the people to their workplaces.
The organised events meetings will not only provide opportunities for networking, but also open chances to build relationships, identify commonalities and differences, and size opportunities from the textile history in Chemnitz. The visual recordings shown at the events will highlight the intangible heritage of the textile industry and allow future generations to better understand the pursuits of those who once worked within this industry.


SDGs addressed: