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September 20, 2021 /

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Development Of A Dual Stacking Concept And Hydrogen-Free Test Scenarios

Development of a dual stacking concept and hydrogen-free test scenarios as the basis for providing the quantities of fuel cell stacks that will be required in the future (DuSwaP).

Derived from the required numbers of fuel cell stacks for automotive production in the medium-term future, a dual stacking concept and an AI-based testing system are being developed. Both approaches already close foreseeable gaps in the relevant production cycles and end-of-line tests. The necessary process and system concepts are being developed in parallel in three collaborations. If the goals set are achieved, DuSwaP will enable immense time and cost savings in the production of FC stacks. The general availability of the plants and the product increases, investment costs and risks decrease. The alliance thus not only contributes to further increasing the acceptance of the new technology, but also enables more cost-effective products in the medium term, another central demand of the OEMs. The project thus contributes directly to the goals of the German government.

01.09.2021 – 31.03.2022

· Fibertech Management GmbH
· Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik IWU