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Project 3

September 20, 2021 /

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Preservation Of Historic Buildings By Regulating Masonry Moisture

Preservation of historic buildings by regulating masonry moisture using a textile-based drainage system (DraMaTex)

The aim of the feasibility study is to lay the foundations for a research and development project in which a sustainable and resource-saving solution for the moisture regulation of masonry structures is to be realised. Previous solutions are characterised by high energy consumption or the use of chemically contaminated auxiliary materials. Such a solution is initially to be designed on the basis of fleece-based textile systems and its practical feasibility is to be demonstrated through basic tests.

01.10.2021 – 31.03.2023

· IAB – Institut für Angewandte Bauforschung Weimar gGmbH
· SP Bau GmbH
· Vowalon Beschichtung GmbH
· Autengine GmbH
· Museum Reichenfels