Sustainability in Textile Industry

The digital transformation is making itself felt in all areas of the working world. Training personnel in particular are increasingly being called upon to adapt training processes to the digital changes. This is where the nationwide “NETWORK Q 4.0 – Network for the Qualification of Vocational Training Personnel in the Digital Transformation” comes in. Vocational trainers are taught modern technical and social skills that can be used to (re)design the content and processes of dual vocational training in line with the requirements of digital change.

Digitization and sustainability are the current “big” topics in the textile industry and can also be found in the standard vocational training positions at the same time. Together with the Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft gGmbH (bsw), Texulting GmbH has developed an online course for trainees on the topic of sustainability in the textile industry. The topics and contents to be taught in the course are: Basics of sustainability, textile circular economy, sustainable textile chain, recycling, primary raw materials, recycling-friendly design of products, general conditions and legal basics, certification, standardization, testing, textile seals, energy efficiency, general sustainable behaviour in the company as well as a practical module for implementing the learned knowledge in one’s own company.


SDGs addressed: