Corporate social responsibility

CSR Management

We compile your sustainability report and help you to successfully communicate the sustainability performance of your company.

CSR is short for Corporate Social Responsibility

and refers to the social, economical and environmental responsibility of companies.
As a result of consumer demands and legal regulations, companies are increasingly obliged to implement environmental and social standards in their corporate strategy along with economical sustainability.

Your Benefits

  • customised sustainability strategy for your company
  • Simplified communication with stakeholders
  • Compliance with legal regulations and requirements of business partners
  • efficiency and innovation enhancement of your business
  • improved creditworthiness
  • boosting your company’s reputation
  • CSR Check-up
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Planning and implementation consultation on establishing a CSR management system
Strategy, Analyses & Trainings
  • Sustainability Analysis of your company
  • Conducting SWOT analysis, Materiality analysis and corporate vision-mission
  • Identification of performance indicators, e.g. the CO2 footprint
  • Trainings on the fundamentals, legal regulation, as well as CSR management goals
Communications & Reporting
  • CSR report compilation
  • Development of effective sustainability communication strategies
  • Consulting on environmental and sustainability certifications

CSR Consultation Process

Business analysis

  • Individual analysis of your company
  • Elaboration of the stakeholder groups
  • Creation of a corporate vision and mission
  • Preparation for your CSR report

CSR Report compilation

  • Identification of relevant sustainability topics
  • Conducting a materiality analysis
  • Development of an individual sustainability strategy

CSR Reporting

  • Issuing of an individuell CSR-Report

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