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Texulting GmbH supports companies in their transformation towards sustainable, future-oriented and modern business models. The main emphasis is the development of technical products, processes and services of technical textiles as well as hydrogen technology. Our work is aligned to the global Sustainability Development Goals, is based on a worldwide and cross-industry network and characterised by close collaboration with our customers.

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Market Insights

We conduct market research and carry out studies in areas relevant for research and development. Herein, our work benefits from our comprehensive academic and industrial expertise.


We connect you with experts from all areas of the value chain. Therefore we work together with interdisciplinary as well as international contacts.

CSR Management

We guide you through the process of realising your company’s social and environmental responsibility from conception to documentation.

Funding Opportunities

We assist you in all aspects of funding related topics, including acquisition, research and applications.


With our experience, together we can transform your ideas into new exciting projects for textiles and hydrogen.

Organisation and Planning

Benefit from our experience in organising workshops and international delegation visits.

Certificates and Seals

Our Mission and Vision


Our vision is a future-oriented, sustainable, economical transformation of the regional economy, characterised by:

  • Innovation and progress
  • Resource and environmental protection
  • Fair and inclusive working conditions
  • Strong and long-term cooperation


Our mission is to develop innovative products, processes and services. We work:

  • Results-oriented and knowledge-based
  • Flexible in time
  • Cooperative
  • Technology- and results-oriented
  • According to the global sustainability goals

Our focus areas


The focus of our consulting services is on the sustainable success of your company and your products. We pay particular attention to the topics of recycling, resource conservation and alternative materials.


Education and knowledge transfer are the basis for growth and establishment of companies. With our training courses on textil technology, light weight construction and mechanical engineering, we make a contribution to these important topics.


We use our experience to help develop new products, processes and services. The basis for this is our knowledge of the entire technologies of textile technology and the relevant materials.


We understand our work holistically. The concepts and studies we produce are based on a broad academic and practical knowledge base. This enables us to speed up development times and implement projects in a practical way.