Behind a Great Product, there’s a Great Team!

From product to an entire network, we have built an exceptional team of experienced professionals who share our passion for sustainable technologies and our vision for a forward-thinking industry.

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About Us

Texulting GmbH is a young and agile company aiming to transform our regional businesses towards a forward-thinking and sustainable economy. This transformation is characterised by innovation and progress, resource and environmental protection, fair and inclusive working conditions as well as strong and long-term cooperations. Texulting GmbH works closely with its customers on a wide range of projects, emphasising on product development, systems and services in technical textiles and hydrogen technologies. The Texulting team works performance and knowledge-driven, time-flexible, collaborative, technology and outcome focused, and in alignment with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Core Values

Equality and diversity
Environmental protection and sustainability
Loyalty, transparency and prevention of corruption
Innovation and progress

Our Team

Behind every great product is a great team. Hence, from product to an entire ecosystem, we have built an incredible team of experienced professionals who share our passion for technology and the vision of a new, sustainable, digital landscape. For these reasons, we offer you comprehensive expertise on a variety of areas.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Michael


technical and strategic development of the company
Dr.-Ing. Franziska Lehmann

Head of R&D

technical and strategic development of the company
Torsten Blum

Senior Consultant

R&D projects, network management
Sophie Karl


sustainability projects, CSR reporting, marketing
Anna Dörsam

Project Assistant

research, data analysis, technical textiles
Susanne Krüger-Trollmann


product development technical textiles
Jessica-Marie Richter-Spasov

Project Assistant

research, data analysis, business ethics
Dana Knoche

Management Assistant

the good soul of the company

Meet our Professional Community

We believe in the power of joint cooperation. The intensive exchange in our network motivates us and is an important part of our work. We look forward to meeting you.
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