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We Design Sustainable Technologies

Technical Textiles

As a local company specialised in technical textiles, the development of the regional textile industry in Saxony is particularly important to us. We are leading the following business cases:


Preparatory study on hemp fibers from Saxony for sustainable production of textile semi-finished products and products


Development of a resource-optimised and modularly expandable device for the production of food and biotechnologically relevant aquatic macrophyte biomass


Feasibility study for the development of a drainage textile for masonry dehumidification

Hydrogen Technology

As a sustainable company, we are making our contribution to the energy transition and the establishment of hydrogen technologies in the following projects:


Support of the city of Hettstedt in preparation of a municipality concept as a hydrogen region for the federal competition “HyLand – Hydrogen Regions in Germany”.


Development of a dual stacking concept and hydrogen-free test scenarios as the basis for providing the quantities of FC stacks that will be required in the future.


Development of a microgram as self-sufficient energy system and water treatment module in Namibia.


Development of a microgrid as self-sufficient energy system South Africa

Education and Sustainability

All our projects are evaluated on their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As the sustainable development of the textile industry is particularly important to us to have projects that target education and sustainability.


In cooperation with our partners, we would like to make a contribution to sustainable textile education with “STEB – School of Textiles in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.


Development of an interactive business game for textile vocational training

CSR Studie

Identifying CSR opportunities and challenges for Saxony’s textile companies


We are aware of how important partnerships and exchange are for sustainable project management. Hence, we are an active member in a variety of networks and initiatives.

Circular Saxony

Head of the Textile Working Group in the Circular Saxony Network

Netzwerk Q4.0

Development of an online course for the Q4.0 network on sustainability in the textile industry