Hemp fibers locally sourced in Saxony for sustainable production of textile products

The use of natural fibres, such as hemp, for the fabrication of textiles is very promising. However, this is accompanied by several research and development challenges, ranging from harvesting to recycling of the created product.
The initial step is to define a clear research questions and, additionally, to identify suitable partners willing collaborate and address these questions.

This entails a cross-disciplinary collaboration among partners, given the interdependence of different approaches. For instance, the hemp cultivation technique greatly influences fibre strength and ultimately the properties of the resulting products, e.g. composites.

The complex task “Hemp fibres from Saxony for a sustainable production of textile semi-finished products and products” can only be dealt with in a regional alliance of companies, research facilities and other institutions.
In order to define the task as well as the required competences and the partners who can contribute these competences and to bring them together in an alliance, a preparatory study is to be carried out by STFI and Texulting GmbH in a first step.


SDGs addressed: