School of Textiles Bosnia and Herzegovina

The economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) is well-known for its textile industry, among other things. Despite known challenges, such as political uncertainty and a strong outflow of young, qualified professionals, BIH has a great potential for development. Due to its central location, BIH is a favorable region for companies operating on Western and Southeastern Europe markets. However, low wages, an unattractive working environment and outdated textile vocational training result in low attractiveness for younger generations.

Moreover, topics such as sustainable production and recycling, which are essential for future textile industry, are not taught in training. However, a well-founded education that meets the current requirements is the foundation for an increase in added value and thus higher wages as well as improved working conditions. With “STEB – School of Textiles in Bosnia and Herzegovina” in the canton of Zenica-Doboj, we will develop a sustainable textile training programme in cooperation with our partners.

Qualified personnel can make a decisive contribution to improving product quality, competitiveness and sales.


Project Duration:
01.12.2021 – 31.05.2022

Constitutent / Funding Body:
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
sequa GmbH

Partnership country:
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)

SDGs addressed: